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Video demonstrating exosome stem cells being applied and delivered by creating micro channels with the Rejuvapen. The stem cells will trigger healing, cell stimulation and natural regeneration of hair follicles.

The Best Candidates for Exosome Stem Cell Hair Treatment

Houston Exosome stemcell hair treatments can enhance your appearance and your self-confidence, but the results won’t necessarily match your ideal.  Before you decide to have treatment, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with our staff. Remember, there are limits to what can be accomplished. An individual with very little hair might not be advised to undergo this type of hair treatment. 

Exosome hair treatments are generally performed on patients with bald spots and thinning hair in Houston who desire a more modest change in hair fullness. Hair replacement flaps, tissue expansion, and scalp reduction are procedures that are usually more appropriate for patients who desire a more dramatic change.

The Truth about Hair Loss

Baldness is often blamed on poor circulation to the scalp, vitamin deficiencies, dandruff, and even excessive hat-wearing. All of these theories have been disproved. It’s also untrue that hair loss can be determined by looking at your maternal grandfather, or that 40-year-old men or women who haven’t lost their hair will never lose it.  

If You’re Considering Hair Treatment for Thinning Hair or Bald Spots…

Hair loss is primarily caused by a combination of aging, a change in hormones, and a family history of baldness. As a rule, the earlier hair loss begins, the more severe the baldness will become. It’s important to understand that you will never have the coverage you had prior to your hair loss, but treatment can improve the thin areas and give you more fullness.

Hair Loss in Women

Some doctors estimate that one in five women will experience some degree of hair loss usually caused by aging, illness, or hormonal changes after menopause. Women tend to experience a subtle thinning all over the scalp rather than losing hair in patches as is common in men. To correct the problem, some women choose to wear a wig or hair extensions. Others have had some success using a topical prescriptive drug. The effectiveness of such drugs varies in some patients and simply prevents further hair loss without stimulating any appreciable new growth. Houston stemcell exosome hair treatments and hair replacement surgery may be the answer for those who feel uncomfortable with other options.

If you’re considering a hair replacement procedure, it’s important to understand that you will never have the coverage you had prior to your hair loss, but surgery may camouflage the thin areas and give you more fullness, if the individual is judged to be a good candidate for these treatments.

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